Skyhigh Telescopic Antenna Masts

Our newest innovation on tactical vehicle masts. Being smarter and more versatile, SkyHigh makes it possible to lift heavier payloads faster when there is no time to waste. 65.6 ft. mast is deployable in less than 2 minutes. Save space with SkyHigh’s compact footprint. Compared to its compact size, SkyHigh mast system has excellent lifting capability up to 1323 lb top loads, depending on mast performance requirements.

SkyHigh can be installed inside or outside your vehicle or shelter with several mounting options. Mechanical structure guarantees reliable performance with minimal maintenance and low lifecycle cost. SkyHigh has intelligent built-in maintenance diagnostics and its maintenance friendly structure of the mast system has been designed to have long maintenance intervals.

Designed and manufactured according to MIL STD 810G and MILSTD 461F for harsh environments to withstand all weather conditions.

Standard Available Sizes

This list shows our standard masts options, always remember that custom solutions are available on request.