EXL Telescopic Antenna Masts

EXL-masts are designed for medium to heavy duty applications with extended heights up to 164 feet. The masts utilize up to 10 composite telescopic sections which are extended by a mechanical winch-driven hoisting belt. Fully automatic latches within the mast control the order of tube section extension. The tube sections extend one at a time from the bottom upwards. As each tube section reaches full extension, the automatic latches engage, locking that section, while releasing the next section in turn.

Guy rope attachment rings are located at the top of tube sections at required intervals. Because the tube sections extend one at a time from the bottom upwards, the crew is able to stabilize the mast throughout the mast extension process by securing the lower ends of the guy ropes as each guy level is reached. This is a key advantage of the EXL design, permitting very large loads to be safely raised to significant heights very quickly and safely, even in strong winds.

The EXL-mast design is available in three families of masts, as follows: EXL141, EXL167, and EXL195. The number corresponds to the diameter of the bottom section in millimeters. EXL-masts are made of carbon and glass fiber composite material. Masts are delivered with full field deployment accessory kits and they can be supplemented with a wide range of mounting kits for vehicles and shelters.

EXL-masts can be supplied in CARC finish, color as specified by the customer.

Standard Available Sizes

This list shows our standard masts options, always remember that custom solutions are available on request.