EX Telescopic Antenna Masts

Explore our high-performance, user-friendly EX family of lightweight telescopic antenna masts, ideal for light to medium weight payloads. Our EX masts, ranging from approximately 15 feet to 80 feet in height, are versatile telescopic composite masts operated by a mechanical winch and hoisting belts. These masts are made from durable carbon and glass fiber composite material, ensuring strength and reliability.

Versatile and Easy Mast Deployment

Each EX mast is capable of supporting top loads up to 50 kg (110 lb) and extends up to 20 meters (65.5 ft.), depending on the specific mast performance requirements. With a separate hoisting belt for each section, all sections extend simultaneously in a concertina fashion. This design allows for quick and efficient deployment, with 49 ft masts typically deployable in under 15 minutes by a two-person crew.

For operations requiring heights above 65 feet, we offer versions of the EX-mast with an “auto-guying” system. This innovative feature automatically stabilizes the upper part of the antenna mast as it extends, allowing for safe extension with minimal crew.

Customization and Accessories

The EX masts can be deployed by one to three persons and are elevated using a hand-cranked winch or an optional electric winch power unit (WPU). The entire mast is rotatable by 360 degrees, offering unparalleled flexibility in positioning. Additionally, EX masts can be equipped with various antenna adapters and antenna positioning accessories, including rotators, tilters, and rotator-tilters.

To further enhance functionality, our EX masts can be supplemented with a wide selection of mounting kits suitable for vehicles and shelters, as well as sand plate kits or hard ground kits. Our standard designs can be customized according to customer specifications and requirements and are available in customer-specific colors.

Accessories and Ancillaries for EX Masts include antenna positioners, accessory bags, winch power unit (WPU), vehicle mounting kits, sledgehammer, guy stakes, ground spike, guy reels, and measuring rope.

Standard Available Sizes

This list shows our standard masts options, always remember that custom solutions are available on request.