User-friendly Telescopic antenna masts for highly mobile military and government needs.

Contact! designs, fabricates, and integrates complete systems of telescoping antenna masts for tactical communications utilizing Contact’s patented bracket technology and Mastsystem products.

Communications, surveillance, security, lighting, let us help you find your telescopic mast.

Mast Height

Our mast systems are available in heights ranging from 2M to 50M based on deployment method.


The total weight each system can support based on the model height selected.


Some applications may require a specific mast model, deployment method or maximum height.

Extension Mechanism

Application, payload, and height may determine if your mast is lifted by hand, winch, or mounted motor.


Working in remote locations with limited access to tools makes picking the right accessories like guying, mounts, brackets, and grounds even more important.

About Contact!

Contact!, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is a systems integrator and the North American distributor of telescoping antenna masts manufactured by Mastsystem of Finland. We have sold thousands of telescoping antenna masts to the federal government and U.S. Armed Forces.

News & Events

Contact!, has deployed a brand new state-of-the-art website. Now you can find information about our products faster than ever on any device. We strive to ensure our customers have the best experience with Contact! all the way around.