Antenna Mast Brackets & Transportation Kits

Telescoping Antenna Mast Bracket Mount

Composite Antenna Mast Transportation Kits and Vehicle Mount Brackets

Standard telescoping antenna mast brackets for different antenna mast types are available for various applications. Custom-made telescopic antenna mast bracket applications are available according to customer specifications to minimize asymmetrical forces created by gravity and/or wind. Telescoping antenna mast brackets are available in all mast colors.

Vehicle Mounted Telescopic Antenna Mast

Telescopic mast transportation kits specially designed for composite masts are available for different vehicle models, shelters, and containers. Transportation kits are made of aluminum and stainless steel and may be used for transporting the telescoping composite mast and assisting in quick mast deployment. Vehicle and shelter transportation kits enable mast use either attached to the vehicle/shelter or away from the vehicle as a free-standing telescoping antenna mast. Transportation kits ensure safe and user-friendly telescopic mast transport. Transportation kits are available in all telescopic mast colors.