Telescopic Antenna Mast Questions

Who is Tim Price Incorporated Doing Business As Contact Corporation?

Tim Price Inc. dba Contact Corporation is a small business located in Winchester, VA. We are the North American distributor of Mastsystem’s EX, EXL, and EXB series masts and accessories. We are an engineering firm and systems integrator providing complete turnkey solutions to the DoD and U.S. Armed Forces. We have been providing tactical mil-spec antenna masts and trailer systems to our customers since 1997.

Can Contact save my company money?

Time and again, we have seen contractors come to us when a competitor’s product fails in the field. When this mistake is made, budgets are quickly drained due to reengineering, training, refurbishment and replacement parts. Choose wisely the first time and save a lot of time and money. Our masts and fully integrated systems are built to last with little to no maintenance. We have masts that have been in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than ten years!

Can I expect better performance with Contact’s telescopic masts than with pneumatic masts?

Yes. Absolutely. Trust us; we have heard the problems with pneumatics. Sure, there is a place for them, but not alongside us in our market. If you need a mast that is going to perform and last in grueling temperatures and environments, then Contact’s antenna masts are right for you. Our masts are mechanical, belt-driven masts; they don’t need power, there are no lines that can malfunction, freeze up, or bust. Our masts have also taken gunshots and heavy shrapnel from explosions and the communications remained functional!

Why choose Contact Corporation’s masts?

Because we are mast people. It is all we do! We don’t design masts, positioning equipment, antennas, cameras, and this or that. We know masts: how to construct the best, mount them, mount equipment to them, and how to integrate them! We have fully integrated solutions because we have sought out the best to help us; people who are experts in their field.

What products can be used on your masts?

We have experience in several areas. Many types of communications equipment and antennas, cameras and surveillance equipment, wind turbines for alternative energy and even speakers for hailing and warning systems!

How much weight can Contact’s masts hold?

Contact’s masts can support up to 350lbs. Please refer to our products page to see the weight ranges of our different mast series. These weights carry many variables and we consider slope, wind, sail area, height, net weight, guyed/ unguyed, etc. when determining the best mast for you.

How do you compare to screw-drive masts?

Contact towers are relatively fail-safe. There are no plastic gears that can break or clog with heavy sand and dust found in the current theaters of operation our troops must fight in.

Why would I use Contact’s composite mast towers instead of metal, aluminum or steel lattice?

A lot of this will depend on weight. We have our limits; and if your payload is over 350lbs, you may need these styles. However, should you need something tactical and in our weight class, you may need us. We are lightweight and that makes a big difference to the troops and to you. Have you ever needed to cut weight for shipping or to meet specs? We can help and in some cases may be the only choice.

What maintenance has to be done on Contact masts?

Very little. We advise operating the mast once a month. This will help get the sand and dust off the mast by allowing it to fall through the inner portion of the mast and forced out of the small hole in the bottom tube section. Every now and then slight lubrication should be used on a few parts of our masts per our maintenance manual.

How do Contact’s antenna masts function in icy conditions?

Very well! We also have an ice kit that may be used in extreme icy conditions.