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Boosting Telescopic Antenna Mast Systems Production in Support of US Military Forces

At Contact Corporation, we are proud to announce a significant remodel of our facilities in Winchester, VA. This initiative is a strategic step to enhance our production capabilities, particularly in the manufacturing of critical components for the US Military, including telescopic antenna masts. Our commitment to supporting national defense is stronger than ever, as we gear up to meet the increasing demands of various military departments.

Winchester, VA Facility Remodel for Enhanced Efficiency

The ongoing remodel of our production facility is meticulously planned to optimize space and efficiency. The reconfiguration of our production area, completed in December 2023, is specifically designed to streamline the manufacturing process of key systems, including telescopic antenna masts. These masts are vital for Electronic Warfare (EW), Line-of-Sight (LoS) communications, and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) operations, playing a crucial role in modern military communications.

Expanding Telescopic Mast System Production Capabilities

Our increased production capacity is not just a response to current demands but a strategic move to handle a substantial backlog extending into early 2025. The systems we manufacture, including HF, VHF, UHF wire antenna systems, direction finding systems, and various communication systems, are essential for the operational effectiveness of the US Military. The inclusion of telescopic antenna masts in our production line underscores our commitment to delivering versatile and robust communication solutions.

Strategic Delivery Locations

The systems, including the telescopic antenna masts, will be delivered to key military locations such as Huntsville, Alabama, SPAWAR/NIWC Charleston, South Carolina, San Diego, California, Electronic Proving Grounds Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and multiple other locations. These deliveries will support the operational needs of the USMC, US Army, US Navy, and USAF, ensuring that our armed forces are equipped with the latest in communication technology.

Comprehensive Remodeling for Future Growth

Our remodeling is not limited to production space. We are expanding our conference room facilities, building new restrooms, and revamping the entire building with new flooring, paint, and trim. This comprehensive approach ensures that our facilities not only meet the current production needs but are also poised for future expansions. The reconfiguration, which includes removing walls to gain usable space, is a testament to our adaptive strategy in meeting the evolving demands of military technology.

At Contact Corporation, our facility remodel is a clear indication of our dedication to supporting the US Military with high-quality, reliable communication systems, including telescopic antenna masts. We are committed to maintaining our position as a leading provider of advanced military communication solutions, ensuring that our armed forces have the technological edge they need to operate effectively in any scenario.

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